Insight out

Transparency is key if you wish to maintain a healthy relationship with your suppliers. That is why ‘transparency’ is more than just a buzzword at SFI. Through a sophisticated online platform it is possible for suppliers to log on and view the latest prices for their product. Which means: no secrets. This is achieved through fair profit margins based on standard commissions. There are no hidden margins, which makes it easier to create good working conditions for the producer and guarantees fair prices for customers.

No children allowed in the orchard

Fruit consumption is very healthy for children, employment in the fruit industry, however, is not. School is a much better place for them. Although child labor isn’t widespread in the fruit industry, SFI wants to be certain children are not involved in the process and that farmers receive fair compensation for their work.

Supporting an organization like ‘Stop Child Labour’ makes sense when SFI’s core values are considered. SFI, furthermore, hopes that everyone conducts business in a similarly responsible manner. Avoiding low quality products with questionable origins will lead to better conditions for everyone.