Completely Certified

When it comes to food safety, SFI aims to deliver its products only according to the most stringent guidelines and standards. One of these standards is the GlobalGap. This guarantees quality from a supplier level. Not only in terms of good working conditions for their employees, it also guarantees environmentally friendly means of production.

In recent years, food safety has become a deciding factor in the sourcing of fresh fruit.  SFI attributes equal importance to food safety, which is illustrated by years of experience and a pioneering role in food safety and trade. SFI requires its product to hold up against EU standards in the country of origin before it is shipped elsewhere. This means that the Food Compass Organization’s norms are voluntarily met by SFI very early on in the process.

SFI is IFS Broker certified and was the first organization to be awarded the prestigious AEO status. Meaning that SFI is acknowledged as an Authorized Economic Operator at customs organizations, providing obvious benefits to quick delivery and fresh fruit.

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